[jdom-interest] question from a newbie

al773968 at mail.mty.itesm.mx al773968 at mail.mty.itesm.mx
Sat Nov 4 13:36:18 PST 2000

Hi,   Im began using JDOM since a month.. I think is cool, efficient and
ease of use!!

I have the following question about using JDOM:  

I read data from a HTML Form (for example, a comment of users in a textarea
field) via servlets and I stored it in a DB, when the user wants to check
his comments, I get from DB, create a XML Doc and transform it using a XSL
file, then display it in HTML, here everything is OK!!, but... I want to
convert every new line character in the comment to a <br> HTML tag in order
to preserve new lines in HTML format... how can I do that??

Thanks in advance....


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