[jdom-interest] Proposal: JDOM event based processing

Laurent Bihanic lbihanic at atos-group.com
Tue Nov 7 05:51:57 PST 2000


> What are other peoples thoughts on this? Should we go sub-element events or
> keep them in SAX?

If you build your SAXProcessor using an XMLFilter-based structure, anyone
needing low-level SAX events such as start/endElement can plug his/her own
XMLFilter between the parser and the SAXProcessor to get them.

IMHO, trying to solve the problem of attaching some processing to high level
tags (e.g. <TABLE>) or to the document root with JDOM events will ultimately
lead to have JDOM store the whole document in memory.  ;-(
Otherwise, defining start/endElement callbacks without providing a JDOM element
as argument sounds weird in the context of JDOM.


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