[jdom-interest] Bug with Default Namespace

Rick Nucci rick_nucci at boomi.com
Wed Nov 8 19:18:54 PST 2000


There is a bug in the latest codeset (I am using jdk1.3.0).  I am trying to
build() an XML doc that in the root element has a default namespace
declared, like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Template xmlns="www.yahoo.com">
            <Application1 xmlns:xplt="www.xxxx.com" xmlns:xpl="www.xxxx.com"
                        <xpl:insertText />
                                    <Name />
            <Application2 xmlns:xplt="www.xxxx.com" xmlns:xpl="www.xxxx.com"
                        <xpl:insertText />
                                    <Name />

After building this file and creating the org.jdom.Document object, All is
fine, except the default namespace (in this case for www.yahoo.com) is
ignored, ie not present in the doc object.  When this same Document object
is then output to a file using XMLOutputter, the file is complete and
correct.  The problem is somewhere in the build() process, but I have not
been able to determine the exact cause.


Rick Nucci


Rick Nucci
Partner, Boomi Inc.
(610) 834-8730
rick_nucci at boomi.com

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