[jdom-interest] help with newbie question

Alex Colic acolic at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 07:41:25 PST 2000


I am trying to integrate JDOM into one of my projects. I receive a String via a method which I
need to parse and pull data out of. so far I have managed to get the following to work:

        SAXBuilder builder=new SAXBuilder();
        StringBufferInputStream sr=new StringBufferInputStream(getRawDocument());
          Document doc=builder.build(sr);
        catch(JDOMException e){}

I then try to get elements of the document via:

public String[] getElementValue (String strElementName) {
       String[] defaultValue =  {"ERROR", "Element not found"};
       Element root=getXMLDocument().getRootElement();
       List values=root.getChildren(strElementName);

       Iterator i=values.iterator();
       Vector v=new Vector();
       while (i.hasNext() )
        Element e=(Element)i.next();

       String[] out=(String[])(v.toArray(new String[0]));

       return  out;
    }           //getElementValue

I can pass an array of values back as long as the element I am looking for is directly below the
root element. It will not work if that element is anywhere else. I need a means to pass an element
to find and find it anywhere within the document and then pass the values back. 

Any help is highly appreciated.



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