[jdom-interest] JDOM Community public meeting tonight

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Nov 13 08:30:39 PST 2000

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the extremely short notice here, but I just got back from a
week away from email (can't remember the last time that happened). 
Anyway, there's a meeting tonight in San Jose in conjunction with XML
DevCon where people will talk about how best to manage XML standards
like JDOM and SAX.  JDOM's pretty likely to go JSR as I talked about
earlier here, but it should be an interesting meeting.  Below is the


On November 13, 2000, there will be an XML community public meeting in
San Jose, California.  The meeting will be held at the XML DevCon 2000
conference hotel, but the meeting is open to the public.

       XML Community Process Public Meeting
       When:   November 13, 8:30 p.m.
       Where:  Doubletree Hotel (San Jose)
       Room:   To be announced (there will be signs at the hotel)

       Please join us if you'd like to discuss:
       - the respective roles of W3C, OASIS, ISO, IETF
       - can we satisfy those who want ISO specs, Java (JSR) processes,
and open
       - creation of an ISO XML standard
       - XML Community Process (how it should work)
       - OASIS technical committees to advance API standards for
processing XML
       - the future of the JDOM and SAX APIs

       Doubletree Hotel
       2050 Gateway Place
       San Jose, CA 95110

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