[jdom-interest] jdom w/ vaj and wte

Soch88 at aol.com Soch88 at aol.com
Mon Nov 13 14:58:38 PST 2000

Hi I hope someone can just give me some clues here. I have searched for 
answers but in vain. I am trying to use jdom. I can not use Xerces in Visual 
Age because websphere test environment needs to use ibmxmlforjava to run. 
Both Xerces and IBMXML4J specify same packages so I can't have both. However 
when using jdom with IBMXML4J there are plenty of classes JDOM is trying to 
find that are not in IBMXML4J (eg XMLReaderFactory).Is there a workaround? Is
there a way I can use Xerces, or can I use IBM's parser with some  fix pack? 
Please help!

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