[jdom-interest] RE: bugs with clone()

Michael Skells mskells at aspirebanking.com
Wed Nov 15 04:37:25 PST 2000

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> From: 	Michael Skells  
> Sent:	15 November 2000 11:58
> To:	jdom-interest at jdom.org
> Subject:	bugs with clone()
> There are a number of bugs with the implementations of clone()
> 1. The implementation of clone in Entity is final, but the 
> class is not which is not much help for an subclass of Entity 
> and breaks the specification of clone() from Object.
> 2. The same is true of CDATA and Comment, Attribute, 
> Document, ProcessingInstruction
> 3. Specification of clone() [from Element] is that it should 
> perform a deep clone. however the implementation of clone() 
> in Entity performs a shallow clone as does ProcessingInstruction
and Attribute

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