[jdom-interest] Re: carrying user data around with an Element

R. Mark Volkmann mark.volkmann at home.com
Fri Nov 17 18:23:23 PST 2000

Should a feature ever be added to JDOM because DOM Level 2 or 3 added it?

I understand the desire to not bloat JDOM with features that provide little
value but there is also a bit of a marketing angle to this. For features
that don't significantly bloat the API or memory requirements of JDOM and
are in some level of DOM, I think we should consider adding them. Four bytes
for a reference to user data in Element objects seems to fit this
description. This is in the Node interface of DOM Level 3.

I also think that the Traversal and Range capabilities of DOM Level 2 should
be added ... though perhaps those should go in the contrib package. I
realize that everything they do can be done in JDOM now by coding it a
different way but I think a significant number of people would want to use
them. Does anyone object to putting them there? I may write them if they are
likely to be accepted.

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> I'd suggest making your own Element class to do exactly what you need.
> kind of change should not be part of the standard JDOM API

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