[jdom-interest] Lost exceptions in JDOM beta 5

Pierre Roy proy at itw.fr
Mon Nov 20 03:11:58 PST 2000

Hi everyone,

I am very desoriented by the simplified exception handling in JDOM beta 5, comapred to the beta 4 release.  Many methods that use to raise NoSuch*Exceptions now return "null".  This seems very awkward to me!

First off, one has now to deal with null values as soon as needed instead of just catching exceptions wherever needed, which is obviously less flexible and less reliable.

More importantly, this enables JDOM to generate non-well-formed documents!  Quite surprising, isn't it?

Could somebody explain me the reasons of this new (non-)exception handling approach in JDOM?  Is there any plan to go back to a more systematic exception-based scheme?

Pierre Roy

P.S. I am new to JDOM and this issue may have been extensively discussed in this mailing list, in which case I apologize.
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