[jdom-interest] Element Reference from Attribute

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Mon Nov 20 05:26:24 PST 2000

> > 4) Make Attribute have a parent and use the parent variable to enforce
> > the same rules for moving attribs as we have for Element.
> Treating Attributes similar to Elements with respect to parentage does
> appear to be the 'right thing to do'. The extra memory overhead may be an
> issue for some people though - maybe we need a derived Attribute
> implementation that handles parenting? e.g. OwnedAttribute?
> > The same issues exist for Comment, PI, and perhaps others.  Thoughts?
> Again, the extra memory overhead may be an issue. Should it be optional?

Just curious, but what size documents are people working on, in
what kinda of memory environment.  We keep hearing 'adds 4 bytes'.

But, in a document with 10,000 attributes/PI/comments, that's 40,000
bytes, which is a tad under 40K.    

I personally can spare 40K.  But then again, I'm not running on
the KVM in a palm-pilot.

Just curious...


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