[jdom-interest] Older Xerces not compatible with B5

Frank Cohen fcohen at inclusion.net
Tue Nov 21 09:40:07 PST 2000

Just thought I'd throw this into the jdom-interest list for future

When using JDOM B5 I found the newer version of XERCES (dated
September-1-2000, xerces.jar, 1498679 bytes) was required. When I compiling
an application using JDOM B5 and the old XERCES (dated June-5-2000,
xerces.jar, 1190776 bytes) I got these compilation errors using JBuilder 3
to build my Load utility:

Warning: first check or org.jdom.CDATA (no source) in stable package
org.jdom, marking package unstable and restarting compile.

Fatal Error: cannot access class org.jdom.input.SAXHandler; no source found;
must be compiled, because org.xml.sax.Attributes.getQName referenced by
class org.jdom.input.SAXHandler has changed.

These are solved by using the newer XERCES found in the JDOM B5 \lib

With B5, I'm ready to release Load, alpha 2. Load is an open-source utility
for testing Web applications. It uses JDOM to build an XML-based scripting
language from which Load tests a Web application. JDOM has made it much more
easy to learn and use XML in Java. Load code is at:



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