[jdom-interest] Element Reference from Attribute

Louis Tribble louis.tribble at metamata.com
Tue Nov 21 11:29:31 PST 2000

James Strachan wrote:
> However I think we can have a usable standard base tree (such as the current
> Element / Attribute singly linked tree implementation) and carefully thought
> through additional layers of functionality (e.g. NavElement / NavAttribute
> doubley linked tree for doing XPath and XInclude).

If the major difference between the layers is navigation towards the
root, and if the hit is something like 10-20%, as Jason suggests, two
layers is not worth the complications. Additionally, since navigation 
towards the root seems necessary to solidly support XPath, XInclude, 
XSL, etcetera, and since I cannot see the JCP standardizing an API that 
doesn't support these standards, omitting this support does not seem
like an option.

Removing the need to extend for upward navigation does not mean that
the builders and hierarchy no longer need to be fully extensible, of


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