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> philip.nelson at omniresources.com wrote:
> > Just to clarify, in your scenario, would the xmloutputter and sax/dom
> > builders use the simple or the doubly linked classes?
> Existing outputters sould cope with the "mimimum" simply linked
> classes.  On the other hand, if the core JDOM API supports two
> types of nodes (document, element...), it should provide an easy
> way to choose which type of document to build and default to the
> simply linked classes.

Agreed. Though I'm tempted to say doubly linked should be the default as its
more powerful.

> And, for me, "easy way" cannot mean extending each builder. If the
> builders are to support factories then the core API shall include
> a factory for each type of node supported.

Check out my earlier code submission...


I refactored SAXBuilder such that it used a single class, SAXFactory to
create all the necessary JDOM objects when building the tree. (Rather than a
seperate factory object for each type of JDOM object).

Only 2 implementations of this class would be required to implement a 2 tier
tree approach.


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