[jdom-interest] Does this exist?

Jon Baer jonbaer at musicphone.com
Mon Nov 27 23:56:41 PST 2000

I'd tend to disagree, it would be *extremely* used in certain XML application
deployments where JSP runs up against certain elements, in specific places like
VoiceXML where it makes more sense to deploy a bean-type architecture rather than a
massive taglib libraries.  Example:

<% BreakElement.toXML() %>
<% Element.toXML("property1", "property2") %>

Second one would equal out to <element property1="property1" property2="property2"
/>.  Of course appended elements would also print out if you were working with a
single root element.

This is not for all cases.

- Jon

Jason Hunter wrote:

> Jon Baer wrote:
> >
> > Would it be possible to add a utility method to Element that
> > returns the XML form of the Element:
> >
> > Element.toXML()
> > returns "<" QualifiedName + Attributes + ">"
> > Or run XMLOutputter on it?
> It would normally be a simple public method on XMLOutputter like
> printElementStartTag(), but it's not because of namespaces.  The
> XMLOutputter logic that prints that part of an element's representation
> has to take into consideration the current namespace stack.  I'm not
> sure what you'd want to have done with namespaces here.  Always have an
> xmlns declaration if the elt is in a namespace?  Since it's not useful
> except as a debug line, I'd rather leave it out for the time being.
> -jh-
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