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James Strachan james at metastuff.com
Wed Nov 29 11:31:01 PST 2000

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From: "Brett McLaughlin" <brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com>
> I have to, at this point, step in and say that I'm firmly (now) against
> this. While I've been monitoring the discussions for several days, and
> appreciate all of James' hard work, the complexity is spiralling. I'm
> also now beginning to see statements like "to support this [new] idea,
> we must change and throw out old ideas" For example, to support this,
> pulling Element into an interface and abstract class seems neccessary.
> Of course, I'm strongly against this for all the reasons that I was
> against it over the last year (see the mail archives and anywhere the
> word DOM occurs ;-) ).
> I think this is clearly outside of the 80/20 rule, maybe even the 95/5
> rule. Nobody is seeming to speak up for it, either, which makes me think
> that it is not serving a common cause.
> Again, I hate to sort of nix such
> a large amount of work by James, but people just don't get this, and
> don't really want to pay the heavy prices associated with it.
> Right now, elements are elements, not immutable, or mutable, we don't
> have nodes that can't be modified, we don't have DOM-isms, which are all
> the things being introduced by this approach. Sorry... I just can't see
> this being a good thing for JDOM.

Fine, thats your call. Lets agree to disagree and keep JDOM exactly as it

I think this whole episode has convinced me now that what I need is a
Java-friendly interface based XML tree framework and it is clear that JDOM
is not the library for me. (Nor is DOM BTW ;-)

Appologies for bringing up old discussions, I wasn't really aware of the
groups history.



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