[jdom-interest] getText() returns null or ""

bob bob at accurev.com
Wed Oct 4 05:47:31 PDT 2000

I think a goal higher than "consistent with the rest of the API"
is "meaningful semantics".  In that case, I think the empty
string is the way to go.

One could argue, if we're returning nulls, that Element.getAllMyFineChildrenElements(),
if it had none, should return null, instead of Collections.EMPTY_LIST.

Singe the method to return children elements (whatever the name may be)
returns not-null, I'd like getText() to return not-null.


On Wed, 4 Oct 2000 tsasala at hifusion.com wrote:

> 	Although I like the idea of returning "", returning
> null would be more consistent with the rest of the API.
> 	-Tom

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