[jdom-interest] JDOM error

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Wed Oct 4 08:44:10 PDT 2000

> I'm trying to parse a document with element names containing '.'s.
> They are unrelated to namespaces, I won't defend their use 
> (to label the elements
> with version information), but unfortunately I don't control the DTD.

I didn't read your first post carefully ;^(

I read ":" instead of ".".  Anyway, the reason, right or wrong is this

     * <p>
     *  This is a utility function for determining whether a specified 
     *  character is a name character according to production 4 of the 
     *  XML 1.0 specification.
     * </p>

which specifically says that a "." is not a legal character in a name.  So,
assuming this is correct, your document is not XML compliant.

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