[jdom-interest] i/o question

Paul Madsen paul.madsen at coventus.com
Wed Oct 4 12:44:31 PDT 2000

Not really specific to JDOM but related.

I have two classes, one that creates an XML file and another than reads
the created XML file.

The only reason I'm using the intermediate physical file is that I
haven't been able to get the two classes to communicate otherwise.
I know that SAXBuilder.build() will, in addition to a system ID, will
also take an InputStream.

I believe I can get the first calss to create something other than a
FileOutPut stream.

Forgive me for asking something as basic as how I patch the two streams
together but I'm stumped. The helpful advice I've recieved on previous
posts suggests a forgiving attitude to basic questions.

Paul Madsen

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