[jdom-interest] Attribute namespaces

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Thu Oct 5 13:28:55 PDT 2000

I don't have time to follow up but you could do it pretty easily I think.
The problem is most likely that whichever constructor of Attribute is called
is not correctly splitting the name into prefix and name.  You will have to
walk through the build() with a break point set at each of the Attribute
constructors and then it should be pretty easy to figure out.

good luck and let us know what it was.

> Sorry, it's actually an org.jdom.IllegalNameException, not a
> SAXParseException.
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> I have tried the latest code in CVS.  All that I got was a slightly
> different error message:
> "The name "b:dt" is not legal for JDOM/XML attributes: Attribute names
> cannot contain colons."
> instead of
> "The name "b:dt" is not legal for JDOM/XML attributes: : is 
> not allowed in
> XML names.."

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