[jdom-interest] Newbie: JDom-Test (Can this actually be run)

Richard Landon RLandon at youbet.com
Thu Oct 5 15:55:19 PDT 2000

JAR consolidation.

These are the JAR files that are bundled with the "lastest" JDOM milestone
(what do we call it? I got the CVS code two days ago? Beta-5? Sorry if I am 
using the wrong release name for the milestone).

I seem to need to have these JAR files in my classpath to execute the 
various jdom or jdom-contrib samples and test code 

(I'm also messing with the Java and XML book code samples)


(I've dropped the junit.jar file from this list as we already have it tucked
away into our test environment. I can probably drop the jdom-test.jar? and
the collections.jar file since we using JDK 1.2.x?)

I'll also suppose that I'll eventually need or want a different DOM XML
parser jar (any recommendations other than xerces from Apache) and the SAX 2
parser jar and of course JAXP API from Javasoft?. I'd like to put all of
these into 1 JAR, but I'm not sure how or if I can do this by directly
packaging these jar's into (say) a zip file, which I stick into the
CLASSPATH (is this possible with JAR's: to insert multiple JARS and then
somehow define an
appropriate manifeast indicating what jar in the jar or zip contains what
Java classes
or am I dreaming?)

I've looked at the BeanMapper example in the jdom-contrib and want to
simulate something
akin to it for Entity EJB: we're using an MVC based EJB-centric design for
our system.
The idea being that we can return an XML document in a String as data when
we dispatch
the model change notification to the View (which exists within a JavaBean in
the Web-Tier).
I am dreaming, or just insane? I would appreciate any feed-back on the
general design
and approach (Really I would). I understand this is an XML not EJB forum,
but hey, it's 
worth a shot? Here's a pointer to a discussion on XML and EJB that I'm
pretty much modeling
the approach after:

Thanks for any pointers you may be willingly to provide.

Regards, Rick Landon

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> I've recently download and built the beta-4 milestone of JDOM.
> Is there a way to verify the build using the JDom-test package?
> We also use JUNIT ourselves.  
No, this would not be possible because there is no snapshot of or even
versions of test most cases for beta 4.  Development of test cases for beta
5 is "mostly" through the top level classes and not at all into sub

> Is there an easy way to consolidate all these JAR files?

which ones?
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