[jdom-interest] dying in xerces

Kem Morehead kmorehead at idiominc.com
Fri Oct 6 05:45:48 PDT 2000


I am trying to read the following string:

/filesys/Lorri3/source/SnapHealthGuide to Better HealthU_S_ to seek tougher
drug import law_files/sidebar_tile_final.gif

and it seems to be dying in parse (in xerces). Any ideas why? If I wrap it
in cdata it seems to be fine.

Also, I posted a message the other day asking about a problem I was having
when jdom seemed to get confused with a unicode character and reads right
over it, returning the xml following it, up to the end of the next cdata:

This is what is returned by getText() (notice the ?? where there was once a
unicode character):
pe><XData><![CDATA[101, consisting=20

The original was (the =A72. is the unicode character - it's a "section"

>text/plain</MimeType><XData><![CDATA[101, consisting=20


Sorry to repost this, but I'm ever hopeful that I'll understand what's going

Thanks so much.

Kem Morehead, software engineer
Idiom, Inc. [www.idiominc.com]
kmorehead at idiominc.com

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