[jdom-interest] misbehaving outputter

Rafizan Baharum udabahar at umich.edu
Fri Oct 6 14:42:51 PDT 2000

hi guys

im trying to use JDOM(1.0beta5 download it today)  to create FO(
formatting object)  file.  using DOMOutputter
I pipe the converted w3c dom interface to FOP driver. For some reason it
fails. But if i output the
exact document to a file(my workaround)  and then feed the xml file to
FOP driver,  it works.

In other words(codes i mean..)

Document doc;
// add element, attributes here
DOMOutputter outDom = new DOMOutputter();
fopdriver.setDocument(outDom.output(doc));  // fails to recognize ns


Document doc;
// add element, attributes here
XMLOutputter out = new XMLOutputter();
out.output(doc, new FileOutputStream("myfofile.fo");
fopdriver.setDocument("myfofile.fo")    // this work

So im wondering if there's an issue with DOMOutputter particularly  in
handling namespaces because FO file needs namespace
? Do i have to set the parser feature to enable namespace or something?
Help im at lost..

ps: works like a charm in beta4 tho..

Thanks in advance.

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