[jdom-interest] Beta 5 Now Available!

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Sat Oct 7 09:16:11 PDT 2000

Well, all, it's been a long road, but I'm happy to announce that Beta 5
is now available on the JDOM website, http://www.jdom.org. The download
can be obtained in a zipped format (.zip) for Windows, and a gzipped
format (.tar.gz) for Unix. Included in the download are the jdom.jar
(for Java 1.2 users) and jdom-jdk11.jar (for JDK 1.1 users), prebuilt,
as well as all source so you can build your own. This reflects all JDOM
changes as of right now, Saturday, October 7, 11:14 CST, 2000.

Beta 5 includes, literally, too many advancements from Beta 4 to list.
Anyone who is using JDOM is /strongly/ encourage to move to Beta 5, as
Beta 4 will no longer be supported. We have made some changes that will
cause minor breakages in code; most notable is that getAttribute() and
getChild() no longer throw NoSuchAttributeException and
NoSuchElementException when the target is missing, but instead return
null. This /will/ cause code changes; however, you should make these, as
they reflect leaps in other areas of JDOM as well.

So have fun, and I'm going to disappear and enjoy about two days of
nothing but dogs, hockey, and guitars... see you next week!

Brett McLaughlin, Enhydra Strategist
Lutris Technologies, Inc. 
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300 
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA 

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