[jdom-interest] Newbie: Is there any way to extend JDOM model?

Jeffrey Porter jeff at metadyne.uk.com
Mon Oct 9 01:48:59 PDT 2000

The product I'm working on keeps all its data in a tree structure, JDOM
produces a tree like structure
from the XML. I'd like to be able to set JDOM up to produce a tree with
nodes that fix into my tree
structure, this would require me extending 'Element' & 'Document'. But
I can't do this since that would
require me having to maintain JDOM code, which I don't want.
Alternatively if 'Element' & 'Document'
were interfaces I could fit them into my structure.

Is there any way/will there be to specify what classes 'Element' &
'Document' extend so that I & others
could produce a structure to fix into our products model?



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