[jdom-interest] Time for SAXBuilder.build()

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Oct 9 11:57:44 PDT 2000

> Before and after the build call I take the time. The 
> unexpected result is a
> time of about 2200 milliseconds (on a PII 450 under NT 4.0).
> That´s too long for my application. If the XML-file is more 
> complex the time
> used for build is only a few milliseconds greater.
> What can I do to reduce this warmup time?

Try a parser other than Xerces on the back end (see the alternate
SAXBuilder constructor calls).  Crimson/ProjectX for example.  We're
parser pluggable, and I bet you'll see a difference with different

BTW, I bet your second parse would be a lot faster too because then the
JVM will have the large amt of Xerces code already loaded.


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