[jdom-interest] Attributes as HashMap?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon Oct 9 10:40:41 PDT 2000

>     jh> As Alex said, a list is probably
> Do we have benchmarks for JDOM? Some numbers would improve the
> discussion on that subject.

I believe in concentrating on design and functionality first, then
benchmarking to remove bottlenecks.  So as long as we have a reasonable
justification for why the current approach is not awful (and we do),
I'll live with that for today.

>     jh> equivalent or better performance than a map until you have
>     jh> many attributes,
> Access, insertion, removal, iteration? How many attributes?

Feel free to investigate.  Bear in mind the behavior will vary by OS,
JVM version, JIT on or off, Hotspot present or not, etc.  :-)


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