[jdom-interest] Can't get b5 to build (SAXbuilder refs Attributes.getQName(i) which isn't a method in the xerces.jar supplied)

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Tue Oct 10 07:47:22 PDT 2000

Dino Fancellu wrote:
> Yep, SAXBuilder.java tries to do
> String attQName = atts.getQName(i);
> Yet the org.xml.sax.Attributes supplied in lib\xerces.jar has no such method
> I note that in b4 the SAXBuilder had its own internal getQName() method, so
> worked ok.
> Is the xerces.jar file out of date?

Yours might be - the xerces.jar in JDOM's current lib/ dir contains SAX
2.0 final, which uses the getQName method. In beta 4 we used reflection
to allow older parsers which had the SAX 2.0 pre-release, but enough
time has gone by that it's worth cutting out the time taken by
reflection. If you do a cvs update, or completely new checkout, or just
download beta 5, you're all set. Otherwise it wouldn't build, which I've
done a million times ;-) I just tested it now, as well.


> Dino.
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