[jdom-interest] XMLOutputer b5 seems to output differently than B4

Dino Fancellu dino.fancellu at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 11 04:22:07 PDT 2000

Amy said:

> For portability:

In fact they decided against such a thing , as is noted in the javadocs.

That is so it outputs the same thing regardless of platform. I agree with
that decision,
as I don't want my NT servers pumping out different XML than my UNIX boxes.

> > when things break from previous behaviour

> I don't think that it's quite fair to call this "breakage."
> XMLOutputter has been immensely enhanced for b5.  This is *changed*
> behavior, but it's ultimately more flexible than the previous result,
> and requires only a couple of lines to implement (as you show above).

I didn't say it was broken, I didn't call it breakage, I said it broke from
previous behaviour, without a good explanation of how
to bring it back in line, which it did.

Yes, it is more flexible, but that's no excuse for not making apparent how
to keep it backwards compatible.

Perhaps its just me, but when I improve an API for the good of the people I
always point out how to achieve
previous behaviour. If you don't require such explanation then good for you.


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