[jdom-interest] XMLOutputer b5 seems to output differently than B4

Alex Chaffee guru at edamame.stinky.com
Sat Oct 14 12:15:31 PDT 2000

> >B5 uses "\r\n" as the default line seperator, which leads to ugly
> >formatting, well, on my Windows box anyway.
> Hmmm.  It prolly ought to use System.getProperty.

I agree, but we hashed this out a few months ago, and Elliotte and
'platform-independent output' won.  See the Javadoc for

> For portability:
> outputter.setLineSeparator(System.getProperty("line.separator"));

I've added this note to the Javadoc in my latest patch.  Thanks for
the reminder.

 - A

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