[jdom-interest] Getting more detail from JDOMException.

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Oct 17 04:57:26 PDT 2000

When working on my XInclude processor in JDOM 
<http://www.ibiblio.org/xml/XInclude/> the problem seemed a little 
deeper to me.   The processor had to notice semantic problems with 
the specific vocabulary (XInclude) and report those errors. These are 
not well-formedness errors or validity errors, just violations that 
are specific to my vocabulary such as circular include or a URL that 
can't be retrieved.

It would be extremely useful to be able to locate the exact line 
number and perhaps column number where the problem occurred. However, 
short of reparsing the problem file with SAX to look for the line 
number of the offending element, I couldn't find an easy way to get 
this. This means the user who receives an error message has to hunt 
through the entire file to try to find the mistake. Something like 
the SAX2 Locator interface, or at least the functionality of that 
interface, would seem to be useful for at least some use cases, 
though perhaps this is a 1.1 addition.

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