[jdom-interest] JDOM, Xalan and Servlets

Ana Paula Fernandes afernandes at ws.uabmc.edu
Tue Oct 17 08:25:43 PDT 2000


I am looking for some help to output a servlet response to the browser
that contains HTML generated through an XML transformation. I have a
class called XML_Formatter that is supposed to read XML strings,  build
a JDOM document, use Xalan XSLT processor (process the document applying
a stylesheet to it) and give this result back to the servlet response to
output it to the browser. It seems quite simple as the source code
actually is, but I just dont seem to be able to get anything in the
browser at all. I'm using threads and PipedInput/Output Streams to pass
the JDOM document back and forth through the XSL processor. So how can I
send my outputstream to the servlet response ? How do I print an
outputstream (PipedOutputStream in this case) ? Do I need to rebuild a
JDOM document after I have my xml doc. transformed ? Is there another
solution to combine JDOM with Xalan and Servlets without
PipedInput/OutputStreams and threads ? I am willing to send the source
code to anyone who can help me to figure this out.

Thank you,

Ana Paula Fernandes
Health Systems Information Services
University of Alabama in Birmingham
email: afernandes at ws.uabmc.edu
phone: (205) 975-5447

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