[jdom-interest] Messaging: JMS Unable to Serialize Document

James Strachan james at metastuff.com
Wed Oct 18 02:28:33 PDT 2000

If you're using JMS and MQSeries to send around an XML message, I'd strongly
advise you to use the textual form to send the message rather than use Java

I'd recommend using use either a JMS TextMessage or StreamMessage and store
the textual form of the JDOM tree in that.
Then other MQSeries clients can parse your message using any language they
want. Even if all your MQSeries clients are Java they may want to use
different versions of Java or JDOM or other XML parsing libraries to read
the data (e.g. SAX).

One of XML's great strengths is as an on-the-wire format. One of JDOM's
great strengths is as an in-memory Java represetnation of an XML document.
Always try to use the best tool for the job.


James Strachan
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Subject: [jdom-interest] Messaging: JMS Unable to Serialize Document

> I'm having difficulty sending JDOM XML Documents to MQSeries queues via
> Messaging Service (JMS).
> I have a javax.jms.ObjectMessage defined as...
> > ObjectMessage myMessage;
> When I try to call the its setObject method, providing my JDOM Document as
> the argument...
> > myMessage.setObject(myDocument);
> JMS throws the following....
> > javax.jms.MessageFormatException:
> > MQJMS1060: Unable to serialize object
> Here's a link to the javax.jms.ObjectMessage where
> setObject(java.io.Serializable object) is defined...
> >
> Doesn't org.jdom.Document implement serializable?
> When I send other types of Objects such as...
> > String myString = "A String in an Object";
> > myMessage.setObject(myString);
> it works ok.
> What am I missing?
> Steviemo
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