[jdom-interest] JDOM as a JSR

bob bob at accurev.com
Fri Oct 20 20:02:40 PDT 2000

> > But there are some other things, such as comments/PI's existing 
> > only in the Document and not actually as children of the Elements 
> > in which they appear in the byte-stream.
> Hmm... that was fixed back in May.  Are you referring to a new problem I
> don't know about?

Fnord.  Apparently I've got bit-rot.  I remember reading that they only
lived on the Document, and didn't remember hear differently since I read
that.  Now, looking at the source, I see that it's work.  -1 for Bob. ;)

(Partially, though, with Document having getComment() and getPI(), but
Element not having them, I think added to the perception.  Could I request
convenience methods on Element, to keep me from having to iterator
over the mixed content hither and thither?)

> Sure, we're dedicated to compliance.  It's a hard job though, because
> the XML specs are rapidly evolving (they make Internet time look slow)
> and aren't yet 100% internally consistent.  But that's why people like
> you who are working at the nexus of the various specs are so crucial to
> finding issues.

I think my only current issue is the behaviour of the method
Namespace.getNamespace(String prefix, Element context).  It seems to
ignore the newly added getAdditionalNamespaces(), instead only 
checking Attributes.  Mentioned about a week ago.

> >         ... beg & plea for some changes?
> Definitely.  Not all things are clear cut.  Like I know you're
> interested in replacing String with a Text class to make an XPath
> implementation easier.  I'm not sure that's a compliance issue though.

Yah, I can understand you not wanting to do that.  And even now,
having read the XPath spec umpteen times, I'm not even convinced
I need it :)

> >         ... submit verbose use-cases, referencing examples 
> > and standards?
> If you have the time, please!

Hokie dokie.

> That's just wonderful when you can do that.  But of course we can't skip
> the earlier steps to convince all participants it's a good idea.  :-)

Allrighty.  Sorry to have ranted.  Mostly due to my ignorance
on the Comment/PI stuff.


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