[jdom-interest] DTD: internal subset

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Oct 31 12:34:52 PST 2000

bob mcwhirter wrote:
> To everyone--
> I only sent the message once.  I believe (though, I'm purely
> presuming at this point), we're seeing the standard evil mail
> loop that occurs from time-to-time on this list.  It was sent
> last Thursday, disappeared, and now has resurfaced with a
> vengence.

Yes, it's the classic loop bug.  Here's the word from DJ our helpful

> This one seems to have cleared itself up (as I was just starting 
> to look into it). That's both good and bad. Good because it did, 
> bad because there was no evidence to pass on to the developers to 
> help figure out why it's happening.
> (they are having trouble reproducing the problem :( )
> I'll keep working on it.
> DJ

(They being the Mailman maintainers.)

On the bright side of this issue, I had 20 fewer real messages to read
this morning than I thought.  :-)  Plus it was the perfect message to go
loopy since it had the opening line "(I know you're tired of hearing
it)".  :-)


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