[jdom-interest] Changes to SAXBuilder and XMLOutputter

Brett McLaughlin brett.mclaughlin at lutris.com
Fri Sep 1 10:52:02 PDT 2000


  I made lots of changes today to SAXBuilder and XMLOutputter.


* Updated some Javadoc stuff
* Added setDTDHandler
 - allows custom DTDHandler to be supplied
* Added setValidation
 - allows validation to be turned on and off; this is useful when using
   the same SAXBuilder class over and over on different documents, when
   only some should be validated.


* Added setIndent(String)
 - sets indention size (default is "")
* Added setLineSeparator(String)
 - sets line separator (default is "\r\n")
* Added setIndentation
* Added setSuppressDeclaration(String)
 - sets whether to show the XML declaration (default is show it)
 - Helps people using XML-RPC and SOAP
* Added setOmitEncoding(boolean)
 - Allows document encoding to be omitted (default is show it)
 - Helps WAP clients and wireless clients
* Added setIndentSize(int)
 - Sets number of spaces to use for indent (default is none)
* Added setIndenting(boolean)
 - whether or not to use indentation at all

I know we had talked about whether or not these should be a separate
object, but nobody ever said anything compelling either way, so I just
wanted to get things going. I still don't see a real need for
HTMLOutputter or anything else, at least not yet, so we needed to get

In general, check out TODO.txt to see what still needs to be done.

I'm going to try and get some of these patches in later today.


Brett McLaughlin, Enhydra Strategist
Lutris Technologies, Inc. 
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300 
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA 

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