[jdom-interest] Finding the DTD

Muhle, Daniel Daniel.Muhle at mettenmeier.de
Mon Sep 4 01:58:35 PDT 2000


I' ve been trying to write an little application that reads a config file
and presents the information 
to an servlet. When I'm trying to get a validating SAXBuilder and build the
Document in the Servlets 

   try {
      SAXBuilder builder = new SAXBuilder();
      Document doc =  builder.build(in);

 I get an FileNotFoundException, because the parser tries to find the DTD in
a directory relative to
the directory, the Webserver is started from. 
I wonder, why the parser isn't looking in the directory relative to the XML
file passed to the build(in) -

<!DOCTYPE MM:transform-config SYSTEM "DTD/tr-config.dtd"> .

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Daniel Muhle
Mettenmeier GmbH, Software
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