[jdom-interest] JDOM as a Database API?

Gerardo Horvilleur mago at mail.internet.com.mx
Tue Sep 5 00:23:05 PDT 2000

Jason Hunter wrote:
> > You wouldn't need to use any Builder or Outputter. As soon as an element is added
> > to a document it is automatically stored into the database.
> Why use the JDOM API for the data manipulations?
> -jh-


   1. It is simple, and easy to use.

   2. It is flexible: it can be used to store/retrieve anything that could be
      represented as an XML document (or RDBMS).

   3. For an object oriented program it is more "natural" to build/traverse a JDOM
      tree than using JDBC to manipulate table rows in a RDBMS (you could also state
      this as: there is a lower "impedance mismatch" between Java and JDOM than
      between Java and a RDBMS).

   4. Better performance for very large XML documents because you only bring the data
      into RAM on an as-needed basis.

Gerardo Horvilleur
mago at mail.internet.com.mx

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