[jdom-interest] JDOM as a Database API?

Gerardo Horvilleur mago at mail.internet.com.mx
Tue Sep 5 01:10:11 PDT 2000

donaldp at mad.scientist.com wrote: 
> it sounds like you are looking for some data binding type
> functionality. This is already available from a number of
> different sources.
> There is Village/Torque/town available via working-dogs.com
> (I believe) and also included in Turbine project at
> java.apache.org.

Yes, I do want something in the spirit of Village/Town but I don't
want the relational database model, I want the XML document model.

> There is also the JDO/various other data binding techniques
> that bind data from dbs/xml files etc to objects and that is
> available from exolabs (whose site seems to be down atm). Do
> a search for exact URL.

This looks more like what I am looking for. Their web site is
http://castor.exolab.org but unfortunately the site does
seem to be down.


Gerardo Horvilleur
mago at mail.internet.com.mx

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