[jdom-interest] API instability?

Galluzzo, Eric EGalluzzo at synchrony.net
Tue Sep 5 07:02:59 PDT 2000

Hmmm.  This is indeed a problem, and I can't think of a wonderful solution
for it.  I'd be willing to live with this (since I assume one would not want
to change addContent() to alter the child's namespace!), but others may not.
Vote? :)

Also, the second version of the code below would continue to work.

    - Eric

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> To: Elliotte Rusty Harold
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> To argue against myself and with Elliotte, another problem with
> getChild("child") using the parent's namespace is that
> Element kid = new Element("kid");
> parent.addContent(kid);
> parent.getChild("kid");
> *wouldn't work* if the parent was in a namespace.  That's pretty
> confusing.  With the current code it would work because kid 
> would be in
> no namespace.  With namespaces it'd work too:
> Element kid = new Element("kid", ns);
> parent.addContent(kid);
> parent.getChild("kid", ns);

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