[jdom-interest] API instability?

David W. Smiley dsmiley at mitre.org
Tue Sep 5 07:38:28 PDT 2000

> To argue against myself and with Elliotte, another problem with
> getChild("child") using the parent's namespace is that
> Element kid = new Element("kid");
> parent.addContent(kid);
> parent.getChild("kid");
> *wouldn't work* if the parent was in a namespace.

	Given the way I propose things should work (I sent a long email to the
list Friday), that *will work*.  If you ask for a child without
specifying a namespace, you get a child with that name regardless of
namespace (unless you use the getChild that specifies a particular
namespace).  I would recommend that people usually specify a namespace
when getting a child in case the document was adorned with elements not
in the namespace that your application is concerned with.  I think
clients in general have a particular namespace in mind.

-- David Smiley

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