[jdom-interest] Servlet sample

Stratton, Jason jstratton at telegea.com
Tue Sep 5 14:58:38 PDT 2000

Sorry to pester the list with something that appears somewhat trivial, but I
have to get a proof of concept done ASAP and I did not find a sample archive
and I figured the people on this list cumulatively must have done this
hundreds of times over.

Could anyone furnish a sample servlet that takes an XML string in the body
of a post and parses it? It does not have to do anything interesting with
it. All I'm looking to do is traverse the doc and modify and attribute and
add an element or two then send the XML back. I believe there are plenty of
examples of this in the mailing list archives.

Also, if someone could direct me to some notes on how to install and build
the source, that would be great. I know there is a build.bat to do the
actual build on Windows, but do the sources need to be unzipped anywhere in
particular? Build.bat depends on ant. Do I need to download ant? There is a
xerces.jar in the zip. Should I download the most recent and should it be
put anywhere in particular as well?

I apologize again for wasting your bandwidth with this, but I'm a newbie
with a deadline. :)
Thank you.

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