[jdom-interest] jdom memory usage

Art M Solano cloud09 at zdnetonebox.com
Wed Sep 6 10:58:15 PDT 2000


I am new to the JDOM world (standard intelligence disclaimer).  In the
"Java and XML" book by Brett Mclaughlin, it states that:

"JDOM can perform at a level comparable to SAX, while still allowing
a tree structure to be kept in memory (through the JDOM document object),
and while still remaining more lightweight than DOM."

What is meant by performance of JDOM vrs SAX?  I gather that JDOM can
retrieve XML data at the same speed of SAX.

What is mean by more lightweight?  How does JDOM memory usage compare
to DOM?  Are there any figures for the current comparisons?

We are considering using JDOM for our data transfers, whereby several
gigs of xml may be transferred.  Due to this size, DOM is not an option.
 We like JDOM api much better than SAX.



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