[jdom-interest] Accessing Child Elements

Peter V. Gadjokov pvg at c-c-s.com
Wed Sep 6 15:05:58 PDT 2000

Agreed. I just fired off a proposal that is based on that argument (in
fact, I used java type names as an example as well) but has more 
intuitive behaviour when no namespace is specified and enforces the
'no weird namespace scoping' notion strongly. I would implement the 
neccessary changes if we agree on them. 


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> Element.getNamespace() should tell you what namespace an element is
> _currently_ in, a new method is needed to query the namespace an 
> element was explicitly declared in. 

That's similar to how we started off with JDOM, but it was successfully
argued that an element's namespace is an intrinsic part of that element,
just as a Java class' namespace is a part of that class.  As such the
namespace should be held with the class during moves between documents
and moves within a document, and not "inherited" depending on where it's


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