[jdom-interest] builders not preserving namespace attributes in xsl files

Ed Morehouse EMorehouse at fool.com
Wed Sep 6 16:00:42 PDT 2000

I apologize.

I was using the jdom source tree i checked out from cvs this morning at 11:26am
EDT, Xerces-J version 1.2.0 dated September 1st, and Sun's jdk 1.2.2 for linux.

I just did a fresh checkout of the jdom tree at 6:40pm, built it and ran it with
the same results.

If others are unable to reproduce my results then perhaps i am doing something
unusual that i am not aware i am doing, but i have tried to minimize the risk of
this possibility by using the latest sources available and keeping the test case
as simple as possible.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jason Hunter wrote:
> Ed Morehouse wrote:
> >
> > I came accross this problem...
> Please include which version you're using.
> (How come no one ever does this?  As developers don't we all have to
> read bug reports, and don't you always want to know which version the
> bug is reported against?)
> -jh-

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