[jdom-interest] Accessing Child Elements

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Sep 7 05:20:43 PDT 2000

I think the current behavior of JDOM with respect to namespaces is 
correct and should not be changed. I am categorically opposed to ALL 
the proposals that have been made in this thread. It is NOT true that 
you can assume that a child element shares the namespace of its 
parent. RDF and XSLT are just two common XML applications where this 
assumption is very frequently violated.

A large part of the issue is that, unlike DOM, JDOM allows elements 
to exist and be moved and copied and so forth independent of a 
document or context. To allow namespaces to be context dependent 
would mean that an element could change from an RDF set element to an 
SVG set element to a MathML set element simply depending on where it 
was put. This is not what users need or want.

I understand not all the proposals involve context dependent 
namespaces. Some simply want a request for children to assume the 
namespace of the parent. However, I still don't like this. In the 
general case, I may not know the namespace of the parent. For 
instance, I could be walking a document tree looking for all svg 
elements in the http://www.svg.org/ namespace. I don't know where 
those will show up. Or looking for all title elements with no 
namespace. In either case I should ask for exactly what I want. I 
think making the behavior of the getChild(String name) method 
dependent on the namespace of the parent element will be confusing 
for many users and cause unexpected bugs.

I think the current approach is simpler, more intuitive, easier to 
explain and easier to learn. This is,

1. An unprefixed name with a URI is always in the default namespace.
2. An unprefixed name without a URI is always in no namespace.
3. A prefixed name is always in whatever namespace the URI specifies.

Note that these rules are true for ALL methods in ALL classes. There 
are no special cases, or instances where the rules change depending 
on which method you're calling. This is consistent, and therefore 
easy to learn and easy to use. What's being proposed is much less 
consistent, much less easy to learn, and much less easy to use.

I do think there are some current problems with our namespace 
implementation--allowing namespace declarations for attribute values 
for the most part--but those are all orthogonal to what's being 
discussed in this thread.

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