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Sorry for the delay in answer. I think I need exactly what my friend has said. I f i encounter IDREF I should be able to get XML element which refers to the that IDREF and parameter will be value of idref attribute. By that way I will able to cross reference XML objects


On Tue, 05 Sep 2000 18:07:25   Brett McLaughlin wrote:
>veerpal singh wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I was just looking around on net for ID and IDREF processing. Is it possible thru jdom that when idref is encountered, element having iD can be retrieved. Or has to be done by higher level appl.
>What do you need to be able to do, and what would you expect the API to
>look like? Finally, what's your use-case for these changes.
>Let us know, and I'll look at what it would take to do.
>> Thanks
>> VS
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