[jdom-interest] XPath snapshot

bob bob at accurev.com
Fri Sep 8 19:30:46 PDT 2000

Howdy guys--

My XPath work has (temporarily) moved out of jdom-contrib,
due to an overload of Very Confused Files (Michael Hinchey
and I tripped over each other 1-too-many times.)

A snapshot is now available.  It includes jdom.jar (a relatively 
recent snapshot) and xerces.jar (from the JDOM lib/ directory).

Additionally, javadocs have been generated for most classes
of interest.

Right now, with all included .jars, pre-compiled werken.xpath.jar,
and javadoc HTML documentation, the snapshot is ~1.4MB.

Once JDOM itself stabilizes, and we have a reference release,
this of course will shrink.

It is still woefully incomplete, with regards to:

	a) Core XPath function library
	b) Document-order of elements
	c) Anything that's a direct peer/sibling of the 
	   root element of the document.

Relative & absolute location paths work.  Filter-expressions work.
Predicates work.  (Though, there may be some funkiness, of course.)

For now, I'm keeping it in the com.werken.xpath package, and
will provide snapshots regularly.  Though, it's under the ASF
license, so feel free to steal/integrate it into whatever you
like.  I forsee it returning to the jdom-contrib CVS sometime
in the future.




  Browsable distribution:


  API Docs:


		(honestly, I'm only sending this once,
		in case you get 6 bazillion copies of it.)

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