[jdom-interest] Modified XMLOutputter which optionally omits white space

Brad Morgan Brad.Morgan at e-pubcorp.com
Tue Sep 12 14:07:35 PDT 2000

I've been struggling with the fact that JDOM trees include or exclude
whitespace depending on the presence or absence of a DTD.

I think I understand this behavior but it doesn't make it any easier to deal

Since XMLOutputter has options to add formatting to the output XML file, I
thought it should also have an option to remove (old) formatting as well.

This appears to solve my problem where I have modified the document and
possibly changed its structure as I added and removed elements.

I've attached my modified version below for consideration.  The original was
current on Friday but I didn't check to see if any changes were made over
the weekend.  From all the reading I've done about CVS, I think someone with
the proper access can properly merge my changes.

Brad Morgan
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