[jdom-interest] Getting schema validation working without enabling Xerces namespace support. How?

Christophe D. Laprun chris.laprun at nist.gov
Wed Sep 13 09:57:29 PDT 2000

Travers Waker wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Lets finally settle this thread.

I agree. This is an issue that I brought up on August 24th and described
the fact that the problem came from the "namespaces" property. No one
reacted on the list. I am glad I am not alone with this problem. I don't
seem to have any problem with "namespaces" set to true but since it was
hardwired to false, I wanted to know why exactly and what are the
consequences of changing it to true.

> I might be wrong, but I get the impression that Jason's reply implies that
> schema validation still works when Xerces namespace handling is disabled
> because JDOM does its own namespace handling.  However, this is definitely
> not my experience (the schema is ignored when Xerces namespace handling is
> disabled) .  So, how does one get schema validation working without enabling
> Xerces namespace handling?

I asked Jason more details about his answer and he told me that I should
ask Brett about this (which what I did yesterday) since he (Jason)
doesn't use schemas.


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