[jdom-interest] BeanMapper

Alex Chaffee guru at edamame.stinky.com
Wed Sep 20 10:08:15 PDT 2000

Because there weren't enough XML Data Binding technologies already, I
just wrote one using JDOM.

org.jdom.contrib.beans.BeanMapper allows you to easily (I'd say
'trivially' but that would be taunting the gods) make a JDOM tree from
an existing JavaBean, and/or instantiate-and-fill one of your JavaBean
classes based on a JDOM tree.  By default it maps element names and
property names directly, but you can override that by setting
mappings; e.g. getFoo() could map to <foo>foovalue</foo> (the default)
or <bar>foovalue</bar> or <baz baf="foovalue">.


BeanMapper mapper = new BeanMapper();

// Converting Bean to JDOM
Document doc = mapper.toDocument(mybean);

// Converting JDOM to Bean
TestBean mybean = mapper.toBean(doc);

It uses reflection, so it's not super-fast, but it's meant as a quick
way to get started if you've got a a lot of beans already written and
want to do XML import/export.

I seem to have misplaced my CVS password.  Jools, can you please
contact me about checking this in?  In the meantime, anyone who wants
to play, please email me privately.

 - A

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